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Ram full

Born in the family of revolutionaries, the Author graduated in Science from Agra University, and Engineering from University of Roorkee in 1971. Devoting about 3 decades to Engineering profession through employments and consultancy services, he switched over to Authorship.

Resettled in his native village in India in the year 2000, he is researching on Vaidic scriptures, and currenly translating one scripture Bhavaprakash which deals with Ayurveda, Personalities of Vaidic Era, and Creations by Vaidic scholars. Additionally, he contributes to 3 website and blogs –

Vaidic Wisdom Versity,

Raajanaitic Bhaarat (in Hindi), and

this – Mission 500 Years Lifespan,

The Author may be linked with at –

Facebook –

Twitter –

and of course on my eBooks Publisher Profile –

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