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Fallacy of Holocene Extinction Thesis

American scientists are reported to have studied and concluded a prediction of mass extinction of species including humans on the Earth, unless present ways of humanity are changed. According to them, this would be the sixth extinction process on the Earth with one of these being extinction of Dinosaurs 65 m years back. Another conclusion […]

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Ayurveda disallows any form of life in human food

Through my studies of Vedic scriptures, I find that intestine worms had been a major and common disease in people of Vedic Era. This is indicated by too many indications in the scriptures about materials which cause these worms and which materials cure this disease. Even today, about 90 percent of Indian population suffer from […]

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Definition of an Achievement

A person builds a new house for his residence, a student qualifies in an examination, a sportsperson makes a new record, etc. The house provides opportunity for a new way of living, the examination takes the student to a higher class, the new record puts the sportsperson in a position of further improving or maintaining […]

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A Practicable Dream for Humanity

A Practicable Dream for Humanity In Vedic Era, spanning for about 500 years up to the beginning of the present Gregorian calendar, medical science called Ayurveda was developed by Brahma and presented in Atharva Veda and later in Brahma-Samhita. Brahma-Samhita was destroyed by Asura miscreants who had flooded the land. Ayurveda was further refined and […]

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