Fallacy of Holocene Extinction Thesis


American scientists are reported to have studied and concluded a prediction of mass extinction of species including humans on the Earth, unless present ways of humanity are changed. According to them, this would be the sixth extinction process on the Earth with one of these being extinction of Dinosaurs 65 m years back. Another conclusion of the study is that animals are dying at a rate 100 times of the normal death rate as an indicator of the beginning of the mass extinction.

First of existence of dinosaurs on the planet is doubtful as nothing can be certainly said about what happened even 1 million years back what to talk of 65. What is presumed comes from shear imaginations of a few persons who are managing their lavish livelihoods through such theses without doing any productive work useful to humanity.

Dinosaurs are said to be gigantic flying animals which is quite impossible. Natural evolution causes enlargement of size of a living species only when it is too much lethargic and gets lavish food at the place of its lying. Such a species of life has no chance of flying.

Birth and Death Rates of Animals

Death of animals at a very high rate as reported is due to their taking birth at even higher rate. Overall result is that number of species as well as population of each on the Earth has been on the rise. Any observant person of over 60 years of age would easily concur on this through his/her observations during the last 50 years.

Genesis of Life

About genesis of life, Scientists opine that it evolved once some thousands of million years back and species have been evolving from that genesis since then. This thesis too is wrong. Life keeps on evolving in microform and then evolving every moment of time wherever suitable environment is available.

What goes Extinct?

Any species of life becoming redundant in overall designs of the Nature goes extinct on its own. It is an autonomous process like that of evolution.  Species of life go on becoming redundant and go on becoming extinct all the time. Humans commanding the planet in their own selfish interests, their moves may make redundant even some worthy life species also. For such mishandling of affairs of life, humanity is made to pay a price in terms of miseries.

About Extinction of Humanity

Human life is no more dependent on natural circumstances for the humanity choosing a highly protected lifestyle path using their intellectual faculties, altogether different from that of Nature. However, the Nature still governs lives of wild animals. So humanity would never go instinct for natural reasons. Only death rate will remain high for higher birth rate. About a century back, a few thousand deaths of humans at a locality used to make a great difference, but today death of a million humans becomes a thing of the past in a few days. See the cases of recent disasters in Haiti in Africa and Badrinath in India.


700-00554591 © Mark Downey Model Release: No Property Release: No No Model Release Hindu Pilgrims Gathered at Shore Allahabad, India

In-spite of the humanity being in command of human life as a whole for its intellectual way of living, there is going to be a change of composition of human life – from the present with physical dominance to intellectual dominance.

Division of Humanity

Over a period of about 3,000 years, some humans have been working intellectually while most others rely on physical work for their livelihoods. From the point of view of intellectualism, this puts humans into two distinct classes – sub-humans and super-humans, with the former performing physically with their bodies, the latter use their intellect. Fundamental difference between the two classes is their working sub-consciously and consciously. It is expected that these two classes would come to recognition in another 1 century which would lead to a clear division in humanity into sub-humans and super-humans.

Extinction of Sub-human class

With machines taking over physical operations and doing better than humans, and artificial intelligence being used to control machines, sub-humans would soon become redundant and become extinct. This would reduce total human population on the planet to a great extent, eliminating many problems humanity is facing today due to overpopulation. That would be the golden period for human life on the Earth. Let us hope this happens soon.


Ayurveda disallows any form of life in human food

intestine worms2Through my studies of Vedic scriptures, I find that intestine worms had been a major and common disease in people of Vedic Era. This is indicated by too many indications in the scriptures about materials which cause these worms and which materials cure this disease. Even today, about 90 percent of Indian population suffer from intestine worms, and very few of these patients know it and treat their worm infestation.


Definition of an Achievement

A person builds a new house for his residence, a student qualifies in an examination, a sportsperson makes a new record, etc. The house provides opportunity for a new way of living, the examination takes the student to a higher class, the new record puts the sportsperson in a position of further improving or maintaining the performance, etc. Thus, each and every achievement prompts for a new beginning, and is never an end of the path of performance. It may be said to a milestone on the path of progress by the performer. This applies to all fields of human endeavor. This brings one fact to the forefront that life is journey with achievements as milestones opening doors to new frontiers. At this juncture of time around midnight, as I finish my cup of coffee, the beverage gave a boost to my spirits for completing this piece with some new lights thrown on achievements.

A Revisit to History

Ram fullAbout a decade back when I had just arrived to resettle myself in the village in a new way far from professional race for wealth and career ambitions, I used to trace fragments of history of Mahaabhaarat period through physical verifications of information I used to have from my studies of scriptures. In one such step, I had visited a village nearby to trace a family which was resettled there after we, the Theos, were getting defeated and being killed, and were at the verge of extinction. I had only two pieces of information on that family – its members must be tall and comparatively fair in complexion, and that the family’s house is built with stones and mortar long time ago. While wandering in the village asking people about such a family old persons generally came up with telling me that the landlord of the area was not allowing building up of stone and mortar houses, hence all houses in the village were mud-houses until 1955 or so when land-lordship was eradicated and cultivators were provided rights on lands they had been cultivated. Still I insisted that there was at least one house built of stones and mortars. Yes, it is true, came a reply from a very old person, and he pointed out the present family head to me. I reached the house to meet the family. After I told the family head of my objective of checking on my historical information, I put a direct question to him, “Your house is supposed to have a hidden treasure. Did any of your ancestors unearth it, or should I help you to trace it out?” In response, he confirmed that while rebuilding the house about 50 years back his father found the treasure. I was satisfied that my way of understanding scriptures was on the right path.

During this visit, I met a boy in the family with inclination towards spirituality and philosophy. I wanted to interact with the boy deeply on these matters, but his father didn’t like it for his wish for the boy to pursue his studies and career like other usual students do. That put a full stop on my interaction with the boy.

A Youngman Visited Me Today

Today, as I was enjoying Sunshine, rare during foggy days, a young man came to see me introducing himself as Narendra and reminding me of my visit to his village about a decade back. It was a rare occasion for me to know my impact on the boy then continuing on the youth of today. He informed me that he completed his education with post-graduation in Philosophy, continued with his interest in spiritual practices, and had some experience in business with his realization that he is not made for doing business for its dirty practices for earning money. The youth had returned back to his village for a new beginning.

Narendra informed me about his spiritual mentor and Guru and wanted me to see him for taking up spiritual practices under his guidance. I agreed to meet his Guru but insisted that I would do my own evaluation of him for further interactions or not. We both were at the same frequency about Kabir as one of the greatest philosophers, superfluous greatness granted to Vivekanand by Indians in general, and many such matters.

Objective of Life

After the young man left, I had a deeper thinking on matters of spirituality in light of what Narendra told me about his mentor. He leads a lonely life often going to meditation for many days in dark chambers unknown to the world. The mentor is the only one following his Guru and has some supernatural powers like leaving his physical body dead for performing in his astral body and retuning back on his own will. Though I have my own views of playing tricks by such miraculous performers, I didn’t disclose my mind to Narendra and offered myself to see his Guru whenever an opportunity arises.

In India, there are numerous tricksters everywhere some claiming to keep on standing for years, some keeping their arms raised for years, some covering long distances through prostrating step by step, some burying themselves underground for long durations and remaining alive, etc. such tracks are pursued for differing objectives like gaining popularity as having supernatural powers, finding disciples, or even collecting money from sympathizers, etc. Such performers often have objectives of personal gains through impressing others by their tricks, and they have nothing to improve upon fate of humanity. Similarly, if a great ascetic goes to meditate in a dark chamber even for years with none else knowing what the performer gains, or none other having any inspiration from him to better his/her life as a whole, his social impact is null making his performance of no value to the humanity.


In my view, there should be an objective attached to each step, performance or endeavor of a person bettering the person individually with some positive impact on the humanity or a part of it. Even if gain of an exercise remains limited to the individual him/herself taking him/her even to perfect Godliness with no impact on the rest of the humanity, the exercise is valueless serving no purpose or objective of life.

Each individual on growing up to youthfulness becomes indebted to his/her family, society and humanity as a whole of the past and present for his/her growth. Objective of his/her life must be to pay back this debt to the family, society and humanity through positive impacts of his/her performances during rest of his/her lifetime. This criterion makes every step of a person a great achievement, leading for new beginnings through achievements. If both – the individual and the human society, are not positively influenced by an achievement, it can’t be called an achievement.

A Practicable Dream for Humanity

A Practicable Dream for Humanity

In Vedic Era, spanning for about 500 years up to the beginning of the present Gregorian calendar, medical science called Ayurveda was developed by Brahma and presented in Atharva Veda and later in Brahma-Samhita. Brahma-Samhita was destroyed by Asura miscreants who had flooded the land. Ayurveda was further refined and fine-tuned by Dhanvantari and Sushrut. – See more at: http://rambansal-the-theosoph.blogspot.in/2013/11/i-have-presented-dream-to-humanity-for.html#sthash.rG9xR2Wl.dpuf