BE the Original YOU


The word ‘original’ means ‘as born’, while life means growth with passage of time, therefore, nothing remains original in life. In about 12 years period, every cell of human body gets changed through gradual deaths of the old ones and their replacements with newly born.

Even at any particular moment of time, a person is differently related to various others as parent, child, sibling, teacher, disciple, friend, enemy, etc and behaves differently with each one. Again, there is no fixed character of the person to be considered universal and original.

A person behaves in different ways at different ages – from highly immoral at some time to an idealist at some others, and in between these two extremities for most of his conducts. Therefore, conduct-wise, there is nothing that may be considered as the person’s originality.

Genetic Reality remains Original

In between these variations, each person carries some genetic information with him/self and that remain steady throughout his/her lifetime. Only, this could be said to be his/her originality. The problem in identification of this information is that this remains subdued by artificial and apparent conduct of the person, or most often, the genetic reality is not allowed by the person him/herself under circumstantial compulsions. Thus, the true originality of a person hardly comes to surface for a recognition by the person him/herself and by anybody else. Even then, this originality is the most important for the person, and one must try his/her best to identify it and live with it.

This genetic information of a person seldom allows him/her to behave immorally, even then, a majority of persons do so at different times of their lives for various reasons, keeping the genetic character subdued under artificial desires and ambitions. There are principally three aspects of life, one needs to identify about – self, work, and the relationship.

Meditate to identify the Self

The best way of living is living the originality after its due identification, recognition and pursuance. But reaching this reality is a bit difficult, still possible. Find some moments for your SELF in your busy lifestyle, and try to ask yourself what you really want to be and look inside yourself for something that would bring contentment to your life irrespective of so many problems and voids in the real world routine life of yours. It is indicated by the deepest desire of yours out of all the things you may be wishing to acquire. On finding this thing, keep on meditating on it with increased duration day by day to confirm that this is the final thing your inner self longs for. Some day soon, you will reach a point where you feel to be knowing your goal of being the original self.

A friend of mine, who has never been to India, has been loving everything about the country through her instinctive urges. She traced out that her great grand-mother was from India, and she carries the activated genetic information from her that makes her longing for the country. This is her true originality.

Do what You Love to Do

Our circumstantial compulsions force us to earn a livelihood in whatever way appearing feasible to us individually. This may not provide even an opportunity to find out whether we really love the job or not, or whether there is an alternative available to us that we would love to do. For reaching this point, just provide few moments to your Self again, and do anything that comes to your mind without bothering whether it makes any sense or not. By doing a little bit, check up whether you are getting attracted or repelled by your doing. If repelled, do something else that comes to your mind. If attracted, increase your time of involvement in the job little by little on daily basis, even if this appears to be a waste of time.

Potter, the Original Creator

This exercise would surely take you to the job you are made for and you would love to do. A persons performs in the best way on the job he/she loves to do, and this is the job, he/she is genetically made for doing and has the natural talent for this job.

Meet You feel Naturally Attracted to

In adolescence to youthfulness, any person of opposite gender coming in contact looks attractive and persons often feel to be in love with each other. Such an attraction may prove to be a mirage soon during the relationship. When a person has a feeling of natural attraction towards somebody far away and inaccessible to him/her, there is going to be some genetic link between the two persons. To reach such a person, focus on your mind and ask it what does it like in terms of facial and other features from a person to get attracted. If possible, draw some sketches of such faces, or watch faces resembling to your liking. Try to meet and go close to the person you get attracted to without a sexual lust in your mind and body. Most often, there is always a person somewhere in the world who is genetically made for you, and that person is your ultimate love-mate. Without meeting this person, you will not feel contented in your relationships.