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A Family without a Home and My Home

Four persons – a mother with her 3 children, have a common place to have their foods and rest. The mother is non-working while the 3 children are grown up and working in their respective professional positions. Each one has a key of the common place, as an authority for entering the place, have food […]

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My Home Garden Plan

Here is the plan of my home Garden in the making with fruit trees including Olive Plants, Ayurvedic medicinal herbs including Braahmee, seasonal green vegetables, flowers of perennial and seasonal nature, and a new improvised watering scheme that supplies water to plant roots only through nearby drains.   Your suggestions are welcome.

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New Arrivals in My Garden Family – Olive Plants

New Arrivals in My Garden Family – Olive Plants Olive fruits and oil are well known worldwide for being one of the healthiest food ingredients. With the advent of olives in India, we may see our next generations healthier than we are today (90% of persons in India today are sick). Thus, a reversal of […]

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