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Create the Aura of Yours

Human body is composed of and remains functional with six foundation stones called ‘Dhatu’ in Ayurveda. These are Plasma, Blood, Flesh, Cartilage, Bones and Marrow. On these formed in good condition, finally Aura of golden glow is formed along with semen of the person. Ayurveda deals with the whole process of formation of body components, […]

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What Qualifies for a human Food

Our body and mind respond more quickly than our brain for informing us about real value of a food through seeing, smelling, touching and tasting the food. Thus, a good-looking, good-smelling, good-feeling and good-tasting food is often of great value to us. We process our foods for serving these purposes in four ways. – See […]

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How Body Aura is formed from Food

  Ayurveda deals with the whole process of formation of body components from the food a person consumes. After the food is acidified in stomach and then digested in intestines, it gets converted into two parts – excreta and the nutritional juice. The excreta – latrine and urine are ejected out of the body and […]

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Components of a Whole Meal

Ayurveda recommends inclusion of 6 types of ingredients in a meal (Aahaaram) – Bhojyam (Pulses), Bhakshyam (Cereals), Chavyam (Chewable), Lehyam (Paste-like),  Choshyam (Suckable) and Peyam (drinkable), for humans. These components get digested in the intestines with aid of Pittam (bile)and get separated into Dosh (defaults which pollute air) , Ras (nutrional juice), Mutra (urine), and Pureesh […]

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Ayurveda disallows any form of life in human food

Through my studies of Vedic scriptures, I find that intestine worms had been a major and common disease in people of Vedic Era. This is indicated by too many indications in the scriptures about materials which cause these worms and which materials cure this disease. Even today, about 90 percent of Indian population suffer from […]

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A 60-Hour Regulation may Change your Life

I am on a section of Bhavaprakash dealing with generation of different fluids in human body under various causes. The section in the beginning itself reveals an interesting phenomenon in human life for its regulation at individual level with conscious efforts in three phases each of mere 60 hours and pursuance thereafter. A 60-Hour Regulation […]

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Ayurveda on Salt in Human Food

Ayurveda on Salt in Human Food As I said earlier, Ayurveda recommends all constituents of human foods must be derived from vegetation world. Therefore, honey snatched from honey-bees, dairy products derived from animal milk, etc are totally prohibited for human consumption by Ayurveda. In the same spirit, no mineral including the mineral salts are disallowed […]

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