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Distinction of Medicine and Health Fields

Subject of Medicine is often considered as synonym to that of Health, which is a misconception. What we generally call as Health Practitioners termed Doctors are really Disease Curers and little to do with health of their clients. Their focus remains focused on diseases their clients suffer from and only those suffering from some ailment […]

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What Money can Buy for YOU

What Money can Buy for YOU A university-days friend of mine has been detected to suffer from cancer for about 6 months now, and many famed hospitals of India have robbed him of enough of his wealth for diagnosing and treating his diseases. In the process, they have compounded his problems making him physically and […]

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Ayurvedic Way of Curing Diseases

Ayurveda doesn’t prescribe any medicine for a disease in the beginning itself but ensures readiness of the body for the good health. Therefore, Ayurveda cures a disease in four steps – Langhanam (Rectification), Paachanam (Digestive Treatment), and Bheshajam (medical treatment), and finally Virechanam  (Purification), in this order and as the need be. Ayurvedic Way of […]

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Advice to MS Patient

Based on my knowledge of Ayurveda direct from the original Vedic Scriptures, I have given it a thinking and would like to advise her as follows. This is for information to all that I am not a Medico and this is logical advice, but not a Medical Prescription.

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