Distinction of Medicine and Health Fields


Subject of Medicine is often considered as synonym to that of Health, which is a misconception. What we generally call as Health Practitioners termed Doctors are really Disease Curers and little to do with health of their clients. Their focus remains focused on diseases their clients suffer from and only those suffering from some ailment visit them for consultation or treatment. Converse to this, there is a need of real Health Practitioners for preventing diseases in people to keep them useful to the humanity until their last breathes. A related profession of Nutritionists partially serves this purpose for lack of education in this field.

Main difference between professions of Medicine and Health is that of focus. Medical Practitioners focus on diseases in a body and try to eliminate these to keep the patients alive. Health Practitioners are to focus on healthy functioning of body, mind and brain of people to keep them creative and productive until they are alive.

Current Medical Profession

Medical Practitioners are providing an important service to humanity by eliminating or reducing sufferings of people due to diseases in their bodies. But in this process, they are doing a great disservice of humanity by keeping alive those who are no more creative, productive or useful in any other way to humanity. This has been creating an unbalance in humanity with sick and useless persons becoming burdens on those who are still creative, productive or useful to humanity in any other way. Just adding to number of live persons is no usefulness of a person, who are being kept alive by Medical Practitioners. In my small village of about 500 families, there are two bed-ridden persons with fully damaged brains. They can’t move their organs at own will, and are being fed through tubes connected to their abdomen. Their family members take care of their routine needs all the 24 hours as their duties or burdens. Medical expenditures incurred on their care are also considerable. In the same village, there are another 20 old persons who are no more productive but are alive using medicines.

In the process of curing diseases, Medical Practitioners may damage some normal functions of the body, and this is happening so often in the name of side effects of medicines used for curing diseases. Thus, the profession is working against keeping the humanity healthy and functional. Most of the surgical operations carried out to cure diseases tamper with some functional system.

The result of about 150 years of practice of medicine on humanity has been that human lifespan having potential of being 500 years has been standardised at about 100 years.

Needed Health Profession

As aforesaid, Health Practitioners are to focus on human anatomy and keep it fully functional. For this, no medicine is required but only adjustments in diets of people work well. Problem in development of this profession is that human body functionality, particularly, that of mind and brain, is too complex and has not yet been fully understood. Another important cause for non-development of this field is that the humanity has become too busy in treating diseases, with no time for caring for health.


Why present Nutritionists are failing as Health Practitioners is for their considering body organs part-by-part, for fulfilling their individual needs through nutrition. This doesn’t work, because of the body working as a whole with close interrelationships of various organic systems. None of these organic system is independent and can work without support of other organs.

For this consideration of individual body parts, Nutritionists consider food ingredients too individually. Like no organic system in body can function independent of others, no food ingredients or nutritional element of it can work in the body corporate. For example, for deficiency of bones of a person, nutritionists often recommend Calcium supplements, while our present knowledge is that Calcium can’t be assimilated by a body unless it is dissolved in vitamin C. Hence, Calcium must always by served along with vitamin C. As we know more of functioning of human body, we would surely come to know that even Calcium and vitamin C need more accompaniments to serve a human body.

During Vaidic Era of about 2,500 years back, development of Ayurveda on the Indian subcontinent by scholars of Deva race focused on human health. But that precious knowledge has not been recovered from real literature produced by them, hence, whatever is today known in the name of Ayurveda is highly distorted and mostly damaging to human health. The real knowledge and sources thereof have been mixed with faked knowledge advanced by enemies of humanity for their vested interests of establishing their Aristocratic rule over people.

The real literature of Ayurveda is in a language what we call today as Vaidic Sanskrit. This language has no relationship with modern Sanskrit of India. No effort has been made to decode Vaidic Sanskrit and all the current knowledge of Ayurveda is based on translations of Vaidic Sanskrit literature based on modern Sanskrit. This has further distorted the knowledge of Ayurveda.

This author has been trying for the last two decades to decipher Vaidic Sanskrit to get real ayurvedic knowledge from real Vaidic literature. Based on what he has understood the language, he has made a humble beginning of Ayurvedic scripture ‘Bhavaprakash’ authored by Jesus Christ in the name of Ganesha.


What makes My Life a Celebration

childSince I began translation of Ayurvedic scripture Bhavaprakash and publishing articles on matured topics out of it on my website Ram Bansal on Vedic Life and Ayurveda, I have been feeling highly focused in my work, and feelings of being healthy, active and happiness keep on surrounding me all the time. Life has become a celebration to me. This has been due to changes in my food ingredients and keeping busy in authoring and gardening with a reduction in my socializing activities in the village and elsewhere. People come to me, see my lifestyle and appreciate it with their repentance of their own inability of following the same line. This brings a few key factors of my life and reasons thereof which I intend to share here for my own analytic study of the situation. Continue reading “What makes My Life a Celebration”

Reaching the Absolute State of Mind

Through working on Bhavaprakash, I have the realization that this has been the work I am made for, and I feel perfectly at home and calm with this work, with everything else disappearing from my sight. I call this state of my mind as ‘absolute’.
Another benefit of this work to me is my health which has been improving with pursuance of disciplined lifestyle as per Vedic traditions. I now dream of living happily, healthily and actively for hundreds of years using health secrets provided in Bhavaprakash like the author Agastya lived.  

– See more at: http://rambansal-the-theosoph.blogspot.in/2013/12/reaching-absolute-state-of-mind.html#sthash.PYRMxmXv.dpuf

My Latest and The Ultimate Project


I have reached the point I am made for genetically and psychologically for which I had been aspiring for the last 21 years. This point is where no human-being reached for the last 2,200 years or so, while it had been necessary for the right progress of humanity. This point is understanding the language Vedic Sanskrit to decipher all the historical and medical secrets of the Vedic Era recorded in Vedas and Vedic scriptures. Through my efforts of the last 21 years, I have been able to understand Vedic Sanskrit and am on the task of translating Vedic Scripture, to begin with ‘Bhavaprakash’ by Muni Agastya.

The language is very difficult to derive out all the meanings of the text which has multiple meanings on differing subjects. Therefore, the progress has to be slow. For full translation of ‘Bhavaprakash’ it may take about 6 years with the output in 6 volumes – two each in Ayurveda, History, and Geography of Vedic period. About all these subjects, the humanity is in complete dark so far. I could have avoided taking up such a long-term and tedious task, but for one reason. In absence of the correct information on Ayurveda as preached by Brahma in Atharva Ved, social miscreants have popularized another medical system with the name of ‘Ayushveda’ recommending uses of plant materials which are damaging to the human health. This has made people depending on Ayushveda generally sick and short-lived, affecting human economy and happiness.

The real Ayurveda available in ‘Bhavaprakash’ has scientific knowledge on human health which surpasses even the most modern developments in the fields of medicine. If humanity is to survive happily, real Ayurveda must be revived. This has made me to devote myself full time to the translation with the first target of Ayurveda.

Since the complete translation would take a long time, I would not make humanity to suffer any more. For this, I would be publishing online articles based on my part translations, to make people aware of harmful practices and adopt real Ayurveda in their lives.