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Distinction of Medicine and Health Fields

Subject of Medicine is often considered as synonym to that of Health, which is a misconception. What we generally call as Health Practitioners termed Doctors are really Disease Curers and little to do with health of their clients. Their focus remains focused on diseases their clients suffer from and only those suffering from some ailment […]

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What makes My Life a Celebration

Since I began translation of Ayurvedic scripture Bhavaprakash and publishing articles on matured topics out of it on my website Ram Bansal on Vedic Life and Ayurveda, I have been feeling highly focused in my work, and feelings of being healthy, active and happiness keep on surrounding me all the time. Life has become a […]

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Reaching the Absolute State of Mind

Through working on Bhavaprakash, I have the realization that this has been the work I am made for, and I feel perfectly at home and calm with this work, with everything else disappearing from my sight. I call this state of my mind as ‘absolute’. Another benefit of this work to me is my health […]

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My Latest and The Ultimate Project

I have reached the point I am made for genetically and psychologically for which I had been aspiring for the last 21 years. This point is where no human-being reached for the last 2,200 years or so, while it had been necessary for the right progress of humanity. This point is understanding the language Vedic […]

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