Have Patience, it is a Virtue



Patience is a great virtue that saves the person having it from many mental agonies and mishappenings. It is principally needed in three types of situations –

  1. While sharing a common resource with others,
  2. For letting a new idea fully developed, and
  3. For let the time heal the wounds.

Since such situations come across very often in a person’s life, we all need patience almost at all times in life.

Sharing a Common Resource

Patience, in this case, means to hold on your next move and wait for your turn as others pass by. Thus, it is not a one-time conduct but a characteristic attribute needing sacrifices from the person for providing room to others like for him/herself for co-existence. In other words, it is recognition of other’s right along with your own rights on the resources we share with others. Humans are social animals and patience is a virtue for them for co-existence with other humans as well as with other forms of life and matter on the Earth.

This type of patience is at frequent display while driving a vehicle on a public road. Also, it need be had in a conversation when a person listens to another person and then responds.

In this case, patience is not passivity but a passive activity of waiting, watching and acting at the right moment. Therefore, its cultivation is related to being idle in waiting and watching while somebody else is active in using a shared resource. If a person can remain idle yet alert, he has the patience. We all have it but in varied degrees.

For Development of a New Idea

Patience is not only required while sharing a common resource with others, but also for having time for a fuller development of the idea through circumstantial interventions. An example of this type of patience is while writing an article on a given topic. If you hurry up writing without considering all the pros and cons of the topic, you won’t be doing full justice with the topic. Instead, if you have time for pondering and grasping all the ideas related to the topic in a routine way as you keep on working on other things, the idea gets matured in a natural way as your mind keeps on working over the topic as you are busy with your other activities. Here, it is only the patience, you need to have for finishing the writing assignment. Here again, the mind remains alert in the background. Similar needs of patience arise in almost all human endeavors.

Let the Wounds Heal

Each of us has bitter experiences every now and then and getting hurt mentally and/or physically in the natural ways of life. If we go into our past few years, we may recall how we got hurt many times but did not notice how our wounds got healed with passage of time. This process too needs patience of the person having a bitter experience.

After a bad experience, if the person keep on thinking about it with being in a hurry to come out of the woes of the experience fast, he/she lets him/herself into a state of being sad and may invite depression. Contrary to this, if the person waits for the storm to pass by while getting busy with his/her activities, all the bitterness of the experience gets washed out in a natural way in due course.

desire & Discipline

Cultivation of Patience

From the above, it is obvious that cultivation of patience needs three things –

  • Spirit of coexistence with others sharing the common resource,
  • Alertness of mind while the body waits for the idea reaching a maturity state, and
  • A calm diversion of mind from the current sadness.

So, cultivation of patience needs cultivation of these three aspects in one’s lifestyle. Since, these are naturally occurring, only understanding the logic behind these things is enough for the patience to be a part and parcel of one’s lifestyle.


All forms of life have a spirit of coexistence, and continuing to survive naturally except in rare extinctions. Humans have turned to be more result-oriented than other species, hence loose patience. In this matter, it must be understood that the Nature doesn’t allow sudden changes or results to come in. The smooth changeovers means being time-dependent. This perception sows seeds of patience.

Humans have been trying to mold Nature in accordance to their wishes but it is an impossible dream for the humanity being a component of the Nature and its evolution to this state is also governed by principles of Nature. Patience is the outcome of Natural Principles.