Health above ALL

Every person has merits and demerits with respect to his/her health, making the health differentiation in people. Individual’s economic condition and his/her health consciousness may be said to be the factors behind these differentiations. Though economic condition has a telling impact on health, it may be minimized if the person is conscious about maintaining good […]

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Meditation makes You to Age Faster

There are 19 persons on Vaidic records who lived between 300 to 400 years with good health and happiness. These persons were pioneers of Ayurveda, the health science developed by the Vedic scholars. Its basic tenets are sexually and morally disciplined life, more of fruits and vegetables as food having all the five tastes – […]

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What does Good Health Mean

Medical professionals would like to answer this question as ‘being disease-free’. But it is neither the complete answer nor objective. To me, good health means that a person has four attributes – Physical Health, or physically stout and active body Intellectual Health, or Intellectually analytic, thoughtful and creative brain, Resilience of body and brain, Agility […]

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Rely on Barley rather than on Wheat for a Healthy You

Humanity today has been consuming Wheat as a food ingredient, probably more than anything else. Rice seems to be closest contender. Out of these two, Wheat is a more robust food than the Rice. Rice used as food is further downgraded by polishing its grains after de-hulling process when its most nutritious top layer is […]

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My Home Garden Plan

Here is the plan of my home Garden in the making with fruit trees including Olive Plants, Ayurvedic medicinal herbs including Braahmee, seasonal green vegetables, flowers of perennial and seasonal nature, and a new improvised watering scheme that supplies water to plant roots only through nearby drains.   Your suggestions are welcome.

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The home

Please Relax and Ponder over the topics listed here under for a month or so – Making of a Home Genesis of a Home — Need of a Home Marriage for Lifetime The Home Maker Family Relationship and Discipline Need of  Personalized Building Economy Matters   Building called Home —– Elements of an Eco Home […]


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Utilization of Nutrition by Body

Here is another infographic on the same subject depicting the time-frame of events taking place inside the body after the food is digested by the intestines. As may be visualized from the two infographics, the food juice is processed in six steps to ultimately reduced to body Aura and procreative male/female fluids. In each of […]

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