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Fallacy of Holocene Extinction Thesis

American scientists are reported to have studied and concluded a prediction of mass extinction of species including humans on the Earth, unless present ways of humanity are changed. According to them, this would be the sixth extinction process on the Earth with one of these being extinction of Dinosaurs 65 m years back. Another conclusion […]

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The home

Please Relax and Ponder over the topics listed here under for a month or so – Making of a Home Genesis of a Home — Need of a Home Marriage for Lifetime The Home Maker Family Relationship and Discipline Need of  Personalized Building Economy Matters   Building called Home —– Elements of an Eco Home […]


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How to be an Intellectual

Humans have the most evolved brains of all the species of life on the Earth. The brain gets its input of experiential information from memory, its process is thinking, and its output are commands to sensory and actuary organs of the body to act accordingly. A living-being has two types of interactions with the external […]

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Meaning of a Dream of Wilderness – Is it Intellectualism

‘With shock of finding no way to go, my sleep was gone far away at about the midnight, and I tried to reconstruct what happened during the sleep. I had been wandering in forests and agricultural fields to find and study varieties of plants, their leaves and fruits, etc. On a bush sort of plant, […]

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My Views on Misology and Survival of Reason

My personal view, based on my experiences and realizations, on reasoning is that practice of reason strengthens trust on reason empowering the person with more tools and tackles of reasoning.  

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