Fallacy of Holocene Extinction Thesis


American scientists are reported to have studied and concluded a prediction of mass extinction of species including humans on the Earth, unless present ways of humanity are changed. According to them, this would be the sixth extinction process on the Earth with one of these being extinction of Dinosaurs 65 m years back. Another conclusion of the study is that animals are dying at a rate 100 times of the normal death rate as an indicator of the beginning of the mass extinction.

First of existence of dinosaurs on the planet is doubtful as nothing can be certainly said about what happened even 1 million years back what to talk of 65. What is presumed comes from shear imaginations of a few persons who are managing their lavish livelihoods through such theses without doing any productive work useful to humanity.

Dinosaurs are said to be gigantic flying animals which is quite impossible. Natural evolution causes enlargement of size of a living species only when it is too much lethargic and gets lavish food at the place of its lying. Such a species of life has no chance of flying.

Birth and Death Rates of Animals

Death of animals at a very high rate as reported is due to their taking birth at even higher rate. Overall result is that number of species as well as population of each on the Earth has been on the rise. Any observant person of over 60 years of age would easily concur on this through his/her observations during the last 50 years.

Genesis of Life

About genesis of life, Scientists opine that it evolved once some thousands of million years back and species have been evolving from that genesis since then. This thesis too is wrong. Life keeps on evolving in microform and then evolving every moment of time wherever suitable environment is available.

What goes Extinct?

Any species of life becoming redundant in overall designs of the Nature goes extinct on its own. It is an autonomous process like that of evolution.  Species of life go on becoming redundant and go on becoming extinct all the time. Humans commanding the planet in their own selfish interests, their moves may make redundant even some worthy life species also. For such mishandling of affairs of life, humanity is made to pay a price in terms of miseries.

About Extinction of Humanity

Human life is no more dependent on natural circumstances for the humanity choosing a highly protected lifestyle path using their intellectual faculties, altogether different from that of Nature. However, the Nature still governs lives of wild animals. So humanity would never go instinct for natural reasons. Only death rate will remain high for higher birth rate. About a century back, a few thousand deaths of humans at a locality used to make a great difference, but today death of a million humans becomes a thing of the past in a few days. See the cases of recent disasters in Haiti in Africa and Badrinath in India.


700-00554591 © Mark Downey Model Release: No Property Release: No No Model Release Hindu Pilgrims Gathered at Shore Allahabad, India

In-spite of the humanity being in command of human life as a whole for its intellectual way of living, there is going to be a change of composition of human life – from the present with physical dominance to intellectual dominance.

Division of Humanity

Over a period of about 3,000 years, some humans have been working intellectually while most others rely on physical work for their livelihoods. From the point of view of intellectualism, this puts humans into two distinct classes – sub-humans and super-humans, with the former performing physically with their bodies, the latter use their intellect. Fundamental difference between the two classes is their working sub-consciously and consciously. It is expected that these two classes would come to recognition in another 1 century which would lead to a clear division in humanity into sub-humans and super-humans.

Extinction of Sub-human class

With machines taking over physical operations and doing better than humans, and artificial intelligence being used to control machines, sub-humans would soon become redundant and become extinct. This would reduce total human population on the planet to a great extent, eliminating many problems humanity is facing today due to overpopulation. That would be the golden period for human life on the Earth. Let us hope this happens soon.


The home

Please Relax and Ponder over the topics listed here under for a month or so –


Making of a Home

Genesis of a Home —

Need of a Home

Marriage for Lifetime

The Home Maker

Family Relationship and Discipline

Need of  Personalized Building

Economy Matters


Building called Home —

Elements of an Eco Home Design

Walls – Hollow

Windows for Ventillation and Illumination






Utilities and Functionality —

Healthy Kitchen

Home Office

Hobby Center

Bedroom Flexibility

Free Space

Garden Produce

Water Supply and Bath

Illumination – Two-levels – General and Working


Energy – from Sun and Wind

Fridge and Air-conditioniner


Happiness Factor –

Children Rearing Up to Gearing Up

Individual Spaces

Common Matters

Family Life



Then go by what your thoughts take you to. You would feel a lot better, healthier and happier to live longer than what you expect.

How to be an Intellectual

Conscious work
Conscious work

Humans have the most evolved brains of all the species of life on the Earth. The brain gets its input of experiential information from memory, its process is thinking, and its output are commands to sensory and actuary organs of the body to act accordingly.

A living-being has two types of interactions with the external world – sensory to pick up information, and actuary to influence the external world. Former interaction is carried out by five sensory organs while the latter is carried out by the actuary organs of the body.

Both the sensory and actuary organs may perform their functions in two ways – subconscious and conscious. The subconscious performance is carried out fast under control of the mind – the neuronal network spread in the body. For example, ‘seeing’ is a sensory input at subconscious level while its counterpart ‘watching’ is a conscious sensory activity. While a subconscious sensory actions leave no or a light impression on the memory, this doesn’t enrich the person with more experiential information, conscious sensory activity of watching deeply records the information gathered in the memory which may be retrieved back later and utilized if need be. This applies to all the five sensory organs of a body. Thus, only conscious sensory activities add to a person’s experiences.

Our action organs too act in two different ways. Routine reflexes of the body caused by instinct of survival and safety are operated by the mind with no involvement of the brain. Even oft-repeated activities by tongue, hands and feet, and excretion organs may also be performed at subconscious level under control of the mind only. Such operations are performed fast by the person. Conscious working involves a long process of tracking relevant experiential information from memory, thinking and commanding the actuary organs concerned, it is time-consuming and somehow inconvenient to lazy persons.

Habitual Subconscious Work
Habitual Subconscious Work

Subconscious approach is based on habits and controls only oft-repeated sensing and activities by the body, while every new activity essentially needs conscious approach with involvement of the brain. Conscious actions leave a deeper impression of experiential information on the memory for future uses. But even oft-repeated activities may be taken up consciously through involvement of the brain.  This slows down the activities as compared to those with subconscious approach, but keeps the brain always in active mode, hence sharp. The sharpness of the brain and its remaining in ever-active mode expedites conscious activities somehow.

A person has the options open to him for each sensory and actuary operation for putting into subconscious or conscious mode. Based on this, he/she gets enriched by experiential information and capability of putting his/her brain to apply for solving a problem. All intellectual and creative activities by a person need involvement of his/her brain, hence are conscious activities. Persons too much habitual and dependent on the use of their minds only can perform routine activities faster but become incapable of using their brains for intellectual and creative activities. Thus, intellectualism requires regular practice of using of using brain by a person.

It is not that the habitual practices have no positive role in human life and only intellectual practices are sufficient to serve all purposes of life. Habitual practices save on human resources and their capabilities, hence essential from economy point of view. It is similar to production at mass scale of a developed is essential to make it available to the large human population, while development of the product using creative talent is also essential without which no production would be possible. Thus, both the conscious and subconscious activities are essential to human life in overall perspective.


Therefore, if you want to be an intellectual some day, do most of the sensory and actuary activities consciously, and make it a habit of your body. You would soon find a quantum change in your outlook, ways of working and your favorite things to do.


Meaning of a Dream of Wilderness – Is it Intellectualism

Wilderness, it it?

‘With shock of finding no way to go, my sleep was gone far away at about the midnight, and I tried to reconstruct what happened during the sleep.

I had been wandering in forests and agricultural fields to find and study varieties of plants, their leaves and fruits, etc. On a bush sort of plant, I see a bunch of wild ripe Cape Gooseberries wrapped in their dried-up petals like newly-wed women in traditional India. I pick up a few, eat them with relish. Then I pluck a huge bunch and move on. The terrain was rough with drains, stones and dusty a pathway. I move on but don’t know what happened later…

I feel myself lying on floor of a newly-built whitewashed room with garbage all around. Sensing myself minutely, I observe a baby sleeping in my arms and a puppy sticking to the baby. There are other puppies also in the room. I try to find where I am but see no sign of familiarity with the place. Taking the baby in my arms, I get up and move to see around. It was a big house with a rural environment. Many persons are busy with their routines. A matured person is sitting on a cot. I reach him and ask him how I reached there.

He tells me that on the last evening he had been to Police Station. The Police team had found you in a forest lying unconscious and brought you to the station. They handed over you to me for taking care and send you to your place on coming to senses.

I handed over the baby to him, he threw the baby on a cot like a doll. There was no reaction by the baby. I felt unhappy with his treatment of the baby.

He asks me why I wander like this being highly educated as is evidenced by papers found in my pocket by the Police. I tell him calmly that for my high education, I try to find the reality which has been taken away from us. He makes an ugly face on the unexpected reply.

I ask him whether the place was Durgapur, which he responds in a dumb affirmation. I tell him to leave me at the hostel there where I would find some persons known to me. He agrees and moves with me. The pathway and surroundings are quite unknown to me. I wonder how the urban Durgapur can turn into a place with a rural-look. Cover of darkness engulfs me and my companion gets lost.     

I have now nowhere to go having nothing with me except the pair of clothes on my body. The uncertainty awakens me up at midnight.’ I keep on thinking on the dream.

For about a month or so, I am deeply involved in translating a Vedic scripture named ‘Bhavaprakash’ whose real intentions are unknown so far to all others since its writing about 2,200 years back. It is about the medicinal system Ayurveda developed during Vedic period and bitter experiences of Vedic scholars with arrival on the scene people from various other lands with vicious intentions of sexual and economic exploitations of the scholars and other residents. The scholars are in a pensive and defensive mood for their hard-work of developing the sciences of health and economy were being destructed by the miscreants.

This work leaves no moment of mine free for thinking or doing anything else. This is what is reflected in the dream when I say that for my high education, I try to find the reality which has been taken away from us. Moving on a wild unknown terrain is what the scripture is for me as I turn its pages and found ever-new revealing information. This and other related scriptures would take my time in dozens of years when I would be able to bring out the facts of Vedic Era about which the World is grossly misguided about. But its worth is quite attractive not only to me but for the whole humanity.

With the lifestyle and prescriptions provided in the scripture, those scholars lived for about 300 years with 100 youthful years. The author of the scripture, I am translating currently, married a queen of Alexander after killing him when his age was about 90 years. He had two sons with the queen and lived happily for whatever period they wished to live. Even a prescription for achieving immortality is also provided in the scripture. With all these attractions and my capability of translating the scripture, hard-earned with my efforts of the last 21 years, I can’t be out of this work even for a moment. I am on a path which none else has tread so far after Vishnu Gupta Chanakya, the last of the Vedic scholars.

My Views on Misology and Survival of Reason

My personal view, based on my experiences and realizations, on reasoning is that practice of reason strengthens trust on reason empowering the person with more tools and tackles of reasoning.