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What does Good Health Mean

Medical professionals would like to answer this question as ‘being disease-free’. But it is neither the complete answer nor objective. To me, good health means that a person has four attributes – Physical Health, or physically stout and active body Intellectual Health, or Intellectually analytic, thoughtful and creative brain, Resilience of body and brain, Agility […]

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Google on Suicidal Path

Google has been almost monopolizing Internet related business in its unique ways of remaining open to all yet serving only a few. In the process, majority of Internet users have been exploited for commercial gains of the Google. With arrival of more and smaller operators with more innovative approaches in the so-far monopolized fields of […]

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Why Persons often Act Wrongly

Prevailing psychological and anatomic concepts of two human faculties of mind and brain are not clear on their distinction but I have established it through a practical case of a person’s body keeping alive without his brain. Why Persons often Act Wrongly.

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My New Distinguished Guests in Garden Family

My New Distinguished Guests in Garden Family. Here is a brief review of happenings in my garden with the advent of Spring season. The hottest of spices green Pepper is grown in India all year around for consumption by people in vegetables and pulses. I had planted some saplings of Pepper in my garden, which […]

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Performing on a Difficult Task with Pleasure and Ease

When you are required to perform on a task from beginning to end, you may get two more things out of your performance – Pleasure of Performing, and Ease of Performing, apart from the result while the quantum of work remains the same. The amount of work you are required to do remains the same […]

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What makes My Life a Celebration

Since I began translation of Ayurvedic scripture Bhavaprakash and publishing articles on matured topics out of it on my website Ram Bansal on Vedic Life and Ayurveda, I have been feeling highly focused in my work, and feelings of being healthy, active and happiness keep on surrounding me all the time. Life has become a […]

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