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Fallacy of Holocene Extinction Thesis


American scientists are reported to have studied and concluded a prediction of mass extinction of species including humans on the Earth, unless present ways of humanity are changed. According to them, this would be the sixth extinction process on the Earth with one of these being extinction of Dinosaurs 65 m years back. Another conclusion of the study is that animals are dying at a rate 100 times of the normal death rate as an indicator of the beginning of the mass extinction.

First of existence of dinosaurs on the planet is doubtful as nothing can be certainly said about what happened even 1 million years back what to talk of 65. What is presumed comes from shear imaginations of a few persons who are managing their lavish livelihoods through such theses without doing any productive work useful to humanity.

Dinosaurs are said to be gigantic flying animals which is quite impossible. Natural evolution causes enlargement of size of a living species only when it is too much lethargic and gets lavish food at the place of its lying. Such a species of life has no chance of flying.

Birth and Death Rates of Animals

Death of animals at a very high rate as reported is due to their taking birth at even higher rate. Overall result is that number of species as well as population of each on the Earth has been on the rise. Any observant person of over 60 years of age would easily concur on this through his/her observations during the last 50 years.

Genesis of Life

About genesis of life, Scientists opine that it evolved once some thousands of million years back and species have been evolving from that genesis since then. This thesis too is wrong. Life keeps on evolving in microform and then evolving every moment of time wherever suitable environment is available.

What goes Extinct?

Any species of life becoming redundant in overall designs of the Nature goes extinct on its own. It is an autonomous process like that of evolution.  Species of life go on becoming redundant and go on becoming extinct all the time. Humans commanding the planet in their own selfish interests, their moves may make redundant even some worthy life species also. For such mishandling of affairs of life, humanity is made to pay a price in terms of miseries.

About Extinction of Humanity

Human life is no more dependent on natural circumstances for the humanity choosing a highly protected lifestyle path using their intellectual faculties, altogether different from that of Nature. However, the Nature still governs lives of wild animals. So humanity would never go instinct for natural reasons. Only death rate will remain high for higher birth rate. About a century back, a few thousand deaths of humans at a locality used to make a great difference, but today death of a million humans becomes a thing of the past in a few days. See the cases of recent disasters in Haiti in Africa and Badrinath in India.


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In-spite of the humanity being in command of human life as a whole for its intellectual way of living, there is going to be a change of composition of human life – from the present with physical dominance to intellectual dominance.

Division of Humanity

Over a period of about 3,000 years, some humans have been working intellectually while most others rely on physical work for their livelihoods. From the point of view of intellectualism, this puts humans into two distinct classes – sub-humans and super-humans, with the former performing physically with their bodies, the latter use their intellect. Fundamental difference between the two classes is their working sub-consciously and consciously. It is expected that these two classes would come to recognition in another 1 century which would lead to a clear division in humanity into sub-humans and super-humans.

Extinction of Sub-human class

With machines taking over physical operations and doing better than humans, and artificial intelligence being used to control machines, sub-humans would soon become redundant and become extinct. This would reduce total human population on the planet to a great extent, eliminating many problems humanity is facing today due to overpopulation. That would be the golden period for human life on the Earth. Let us hope this happens soon.

Have Patience, it is a Virtue



Patience is a great virtue that saves the person having it from many mental agonies and mishappenings. It is principally needed in three types of situations –

  1. While sharing a common resource with others,
  2. For letting a new idea fully developed, and
  3. For let the time heal the wounds.

Since such situations come across very often in a person’s life, we all need patience almost at all times in life.

Sharing a Common Resource

Patience, in this case, means to hold on your next move and wait for your turn as others pass by. Thus, it is not a one-time conduct but a characteristic attribute needing sacrifices from the person for providing room to others like for him/herself for co-existence. In other words, it is recognition of other’s right along with your own rights on the resources we share with others. Humans are social animals and patience is a virtue for them for co-existence with other humans as well as with other forms of life and matter on the Earth.

This type of patience is at frequent display while driving a vehicle on a public road. Also, it need be had in a conversation when a person listens to another person and then responds.

In this case, patience is not passivity but a passive activity of waiting, watching and acting at the right moment. Therefore, its cultivation is related to being idle in waiting and watching while somebody else is active in using a shared resource. If a person can remain idle yet alert, he has the patience. We all have it but in varied degrees.

For Development of a New Idea

Patience is not only required while sharing a common resource with others, but also for having time for a fuller development of the idea through circumstantial interventions. An example of this type of patience is while writing an article on a given topic. If you hurry up writing without considering all the pros and cons of the topic, you won’t be doing full justice with the topic. Instead, if you have time for pondering and grasping all the ideas related to the topic in a routine way as you keep on working on other things, the idea gets matured in a natural way as your mind keeps on working over the topic as you are busy with your other activities. Here, it is only the patience, you need to have for finishing the writing assignment. Here again, the mind remains alert in the background. Similar needs of patience arise in almost all human endeavors.

Let the Wounds Heal

Each of us has bitter experiences every now and then and getting hurt mentally and/or physically in the natural ways of life. If we go into our past few years, we may recall how we got hurt many times but did not notice how our wounds got healed with passage of time. This process too needs patience of the person having a bitter experience.

After a bad experience, if the person keep on thinking about it with being in a hurry to come out of the woes of the experience fast, he/she lets him/herself into a state of being sad and may invite depression. Contrary to this, if the person waits for the storm to pass by while getting busy with his/her activities, all the bitterness of the experience gets washed out in a natural way in due course.

desire & Discipline

Cultivation of Patience

From the above, it is obvious that cultivation of patience needs three things –

  • Spirit of coexistence with others sharing the common resource,
  • Alertness of mind while the body waits for the idea reaching a maturity state, and
  • A calm diversion of mind from the current sadness.

So, cultivation of patience needs cultivation of these three aspects in one’s lifestyle. Since, these are naturally occurring, only understanding the logic behind these things is enough for the patience to be a part and parcel of one’s lifestyle.


All forms of life have a spirit of coexistence, and continuing to survive naturally except in rare extinctions. Humans have turned to be more result-oriented than other species, hence loose patience. In this matter, it must be understood that the Nature doesn’t allow sudden changes or results to come in. The smooth changeovers means being time-dependent. This perception sows seeds of patience.

Humans have been trying to mold Nature in accordance to their wishes but it is an impossible dream for the humanity being a component of the Nature and its evolution to this state is also governed by principles of Nature. Patience is the outcome of Natural Principles.

BE the Original YOU


The word ‘original’ means ‘as born’, while life means growth with passage of time, therefore, nothing remains original in life. In about 12 years period, every cell of human body gets changed through gradual deaths of the old ones and their replacements with newly born.

Even at any particular moment of time, a person is differently related to various others as parent, child, sibling, teacher, disciple, friend, enemy, etc and behaves differently with each one. Again, there is no fixed character of the person to be considered universal and original.

A person behaves in different ways at different ages – from highly immoral at some time to an idealist at some others, and in between these two extremities for most of his conducts. Therefore, conduct-wise, there is nothing that may be considered as the person’s originality.

Genetic Reality remains Original

In between these variations, each person carries some genetic information with him/self and that remain steady throughout his/her lifetime. Only, this could be said to be his/her originality. The problem in identification of this information is that this remains subdued by artificial and apparent conduct of the person, or most often, the genetic reality is not allowed by the person him/herself under circumstantial compulsions. Thus, the true originality of a person hardly comes to surface for a recognition by the person him/herself and by anybody else. Even then, this originality is the most important for the person, and one must try his/her best to identify it and live with it.

This genetic information of a person seldom allows him/her to behave immorally, even then, a majority of persons do so at different times of their lives for various reasons, keeping the genetic character subdued under artificial desires and ambitions. There are principally three aspects of life, one needs to identify about – self, work, and the relationship.

Meditate to identify the Self

The best way of living is living the originality after its due identification, recognition and pursuance. But reaching this reality is a bit difficult, still possible. Find some moments for your SELF in your busy lifestyle, and try to ask yourself what you really want to be and look inside yourself for something that would bring contentment to your life irrespective of so many problems and voids in the real world routine life of yours. It is indicated by the deepest desire of yours out of all the things you may be wishing to acquire. On finding this thing, keep on meditating on it with increased duration day by day to confirm that this is the final thing your inner self longs for. Some day soon, you will reach a point where you feel to be knowing your goal of being the original self.

A friend of mine, who has never been to India, has been loving everything about the country through her instinctive urges. She traced out that her great grand-mother was from India, and she carries the activated genetic information from her that makes her longing for the country. This is her true originality.

Do what You Love to Do

Our circumstantial compulsions force us to earn a livelihood in whatever way appearing feasible to us individually. This may not provide even an opportunity to find out whether we really love the job or not, or whether there is an alternative available to us that we would love to do. For reaching this point, just provide few moments to your Self again, and do anything that comes to your mind without bothering whether it makes any sense or not. By doing a little bit, check up whether you are getting attracted or repelled by your doing. If repelled, do something else that comes to your mind. If attracted, increase your time of involvement in the job little by little on daily basis, even if this appears to be a waste of time.

Potter, the Original Creator

This exercise would surely take you to the job you are made for and you would love to do. A persons performs in the best way on the job he/she loves to do, and this is the job, he/she is genetically made for doing and has the natural talent for this job.

Meet You feel Naturally Attracted to

In adolescence to youthfulness, any person of opposite gender coming in contact looks attractive and persons often feel to be in love with each other. Such an attraction may prove to be a mirage soon during the relationship. When a person has a feeling of natural attraction towards somebody far away and inaccessible to him/her, there is going to be some genetic link between the two persons. To reach such a person, focus on your mind and ask it what does it like in terms of facial and other features from a person to get attracted. If possible, draw some sketches of such faces, or watch faces resembling to your liking. Try to meet and go close to the person you get attracted to without a sexual lust in your mind and body. Most often, there is always a person somewhere in the world who is genetically made for you, and that person is your ultimate love-mate. Without meeting this person, you will not feel contented in your relationships.

Distinction of Medicine and Health Fields


Subject of Medicine is often considered as synonym to that of Health, which is a misconception. What we generally call as Health Practitioners termed Doctors are really Disease Curers and little to do with health of their clients. Their focus remains focused on diseases their clients suffer from and only those suffering from some ailment visit them for consultation or treatment. Converse to this, there is a need of real Health Practitioners for preventing diseases in people to keep them useful to the humanity until their last breathes. A related profession of Nutritionists partially serves this purpose for lack of education in this field.

Main difference between professions of Medicine and Health is that of focus. Medical Practitioners focus on diseases in a body and try to eliminate these to keep the patients alive. Health Practitioners are to focus on healthy functioning of body, mind and brain of people to keep them creative and productive until they are alive.

Current Medical Profession

Medical Practitioners are providing an important service to humanity by eliminating or reducing sufferings of people due to diseases in their bodies. But in this process, they are doing a great disservice of humanity by keeping alive those who are no more creative, productive or useful in any other way to humanity. This has been creating an unbalance in humanity with sick and useless persons becoming burdens on those who are still creative, productive or useful to humanity in any other way. Just adding to number of live persons is no usefulness of a person, who are being kept alive by Medical Practitioners. In my small village of about 500 families, there are two bed-ridden persons with fully damaged brains. They can’t move their organs at own will, and are being fed through tubes connected to their abdomen. Their family members take care of their routine needs all the 24 hours as their duties or burdens. Medical expenditures incurred on their care are also considerable. In the same village, there are another 20 old persons who are no more productive but are alive using medicines.

In the process of curing diseases, Medical Practitioners may damage some normal functions of the body, and this is happening so often in the name of side effects of medicines used for curing diseases. Thus, the profession is working against keeping the humanity healthy and functional. Most of the surgical operations carried out to cure diseases tamper with some functional system.

The result of about 150 years of practice of medicine on humanity has been that human lifespan having potential of being 500 years has been standardised at about 100 years.

Needed Health Profession

As aforesaid, Health Practitioners are to focus on human anatomy and keep it fully functional. For this, no medicine is required but only adjustments in diets of people work well. Problem in development of this profession is that human body functionality, particularly, that of mind and brain, is too complex and has not yet been fully understood. Another important cause for non-development of this field is that the humanity has become too busy in treating diseases, with no time for caring for health.


Why present Nutritionists are failing as Health Practitioners is for their considering body organs part-by-part, for fulfilling their individual needs through nutrition. This doesn’t work, because of the body working as a whole with close interrelationships of various organic systems. None of these organic system is independent and can work without support of other organs.

For this consideration of individual body parts, Nutritionists consider food ingredients too individually. Like no organic system in body can function independent of others, no food ingredients or nutritional element of it can work in the body corporate. For example, for deficiency of bones of a person, nutritionists often recommend Calcium supplements, while our present knowledge is that Calcium can’t be assimilated by a body unless it is dissolved in vitamin C. Hence, Calcium must always by served along with vitamin C. As we know more of functioning of human body, we would surely come to know that even Calcium and vitamin C need more accompaniments to serve a human body.

During Vaidic Era of about 2,500 years back, development of Ayurveda on the Indian subcontinent by scholars of Deva race focused on human health. But that precious knowledge has not been recovered from real literature produced by them, hence, whatever is today known in the name of Ayurveda is highly distorted and mostly damaging to human health. The real knowledge and sources thereof have been mixed with faked knowledge advanced by enemies of humanity for their vested interests of establishing their Aristocratic rule over people.

The real literature of Ayurveda is in a language what we call today as Vaidic Sanskrit. This language has no relationship with modern Sanskrit of India. No effort has been made to decode Vaidic Sanskrit and all the current knowledge of Ayurveda is based on translations of Vaidic Sanskrit literature based on modern Sanskrit. This has further distorted the knowledge of Ayurveda.

This author has been trying for the last two decades to decipher Vaidic Sanskrit to get real ayurvedic knowledge from real Vaidic literature. Based on what he has understood the language, he has made a humble beginning of Ayurvedic scripture ‘Bhavaprakash’ authored by Jesus Christ in the name of Ganesha.

A Family without a Home and My Home



Four persons – a mother with her 3 children, have a common place to have their foods and rest. The mother is non-working while the 3 children are grown up and working in their respective professional positions. Each one has a key of the common place, as an authority for entering the place, have food and take rest there. This is the family I am accountable for bringing into existence as father of the children. The family is homeless because there is no home-maker, all are just inmates of an inn.

It is their condition today which had been different for about 5 years ending the last December when my second daughter got married and left the place to a home of her own. She too was in job but decided to leave the job and take care of the common place to make it a home. She served the family for about five years until her marriage last December.

Incidentally, I married a girl with no concept of a home. Her widow mother was a wanderer and stayed at her house occasionally only. The daughter is a replica of her mother. She always finds some reason to go out in the morning for a possible return in the evening but with no surety. I tried to make amendments in her conduct for 16 years, miserably failed and delinked myself from her. Four children produced during these 16 years sided with their mother.

I was brought up in a family wherein my mother was ther home-maker for all her 24 hours. Habituated for living in a home, I felt being homeless after I took up a job as an Engineering professional at a faraway place from my parental home, got married and endeavored to have a home for my family. I failed, left the family in search of a home for myself.

Fifteen years back, I returned to the village of my parental home with shattered remains of the family, and decided to make a home of my dreams. I have today a building conceptualized and constructed by my own hands which I proudly call my own home. Here, I am the home maker, I am the owner, I work as an energetic youth, I am a veteran and I play as a child.


My home has a utility space with entrance, toilets, a kitchen and all-time cool chamber in basement for taking complete rest. Next to it is a domed living space that includes my working office. Its back has a bedroom with an attached store. On the root-top, there is a Moonlight bed made of concrete. On the other side of the utility block, there lies a spacious garden for my experimentation in Botany and Ayurvedic medicines. Here I grow my favorite fruits and vegetables.  

With this background, I claim that I know what a home means for a living-being. I am passionate about every family to have a suitable home for itself

Create the Aura of Yours

Human body is composed of and remains functional with six foundation stones called ‘Dhatu’ in Ayurveda. These are Plasma, Blood, Flesh, Cartilage, Bones and Marrow. On these formed in good condition, finally Aura of golden glow is formed along with semen of the person.

Ayurveda deals with the whole process of formation of body components, called Dhatus, and the skin appearance, called Aura, from the food a person consumes. After the food is acidified in stomach and then digested in intestines, it gets converted into two parts – excreta and the nutritional juice. The excreta – latrine and urine are ejected out of the body and the nutritional juice is further refined by heats at six places in the body as it moves from intestines to liver and onward. At each place there are two processes – cooking with heat, and decantation.

The whole processing produces two types of body components – durables and consumables. The durables, called Dhatus in Ayurveda, are Plasma, Blood, Flesh, Cartilage, Bones and Marrow. The consumables are Cough, Digestive Bile, Ear Wax, Sweat, Nails and Hairs, and Eye Filth and Tears. Each of durable and consumable components so created has its own role in the body for its proper functioning.

Six Dhatus, the Body is Composed of

The body of every living-being is composed of six components – Plasma, Blood, Flesh, Cartilage, Bones and Marrow. The Plasma is present everywhere in the body and provides nutrition to the whole body. The Blood too is present in major parts of the body and provides nutrition to them. Blood on condensation becomes Flesh. Similarly, Flesh becomes Cartilage, Cartilage becomes Bones.  The Bones become Marrow on further processing.

Originally, all the six Dhatus are got by a baby in her mother’s womb from the body of the mother. After birth of the baby, nutrition provided to the baby keeps on strengthening these Dhatus except in old age when the body wind sucks the nutrition preventing further strengthening of the body, setting in the process of body decay and ultimate death.

Refining and Decantation Processes in the Body

Refining of the nutritional juice from the food takes place under heat of the Dhatu the juice reaches at in stages through its conveyance under pressure of winds in the body. Each refining and decantation processes take a period of 5 days and 36 minutes when the roughage comes out of the juice. The refining is followed by Decantation process at each stage for separating fine and thick parts of the refined juice.

Each refining process brings out roughage wax from the essence. The roughage forms cough, bile (Pitta), ear-wax, etc while the essence is decanted to fine and thick parts. The fine parts are utilized to strengthen six Dhatus – plasma, blood, flesh, cartilage, bone and marrow, the body is composed of. The thick part at each stage is conveyed forward for further refining.

Formation of Aura and Procreative Substances

At the final stage of refining, no roughage is generated with the whole substance becoming Sucrose. Its fine component forms Aura of the person and gets spread throughout the body for prevention of diseases and providing good health to the person.

Thick part of Sucrose is the source substance for male and female procreation substances – Semen in male bodies and Semen and Artava, in female bodies. The whole process is depicted below.


The finest product of the processing is the golden color Aura of the body. It is also a sign of good health of the person and appears as a golden hue on the skin. Sick persons have deficiency of the Aura, hence develop blackness on their skin surface. The Aura being the sign of good health, it is the chosen word as the root of the word ‘Ayurveda’, meaning thereby ‘Secrets of Good Health’.

The golden hue and blackness are different from the skin colors of various people due to their local climates and inheritance. Even the darkest-skinned Negros may have the golden Aura on their skins and the fairest Europeans may have the blackness if they are sick. But the golden and black hues, symbolic of health, are easily visible on brown skinned people.