The home

Please Relax and Ponder over the topics listed here under for a month or so –


Making of a Home

Genesis of a Home —

Need of a Home

Marriage for Lifetime

The Home Maker

Family Relationship and Discipline

Need of  Personalized Building

Economy Matters


Building called Home —

Elements of an Eco Home Design

Walls – Hollow

Windows for Ventillation and Illumination






Utilities and Functionality —

Healthy Kitchen

Home Office

Hobby Center

Bedroom Flexibility

Free Space

Garden Produce

Water Supply and Bath

Illumination – Two-levels – General and Working


Energy – from Sun and Wind

Fridge and Air-conditioniner


Happiness Factor –

Children Rearing Up to Gearing Up

Individual Spaces

Common Matters

Family Life



Then go by what your thoughts take you to. You would feel a lot better, healthier and happier to live longer than what you expect.


Author: Ram Bansal

I am Ram Bansal, the Theosoph, an Engineer by education and profession. Now retired from the profession, and is devoting time for historical research on India, usher radical changes in Indian psyche and health consciousness. Authorship and Herbal gardening are my other passions. I like decent matured persons all over the world. I have no economic compulsions now to work for money. I firmly stand on my ideological principles of being clear, straight-forward, honest and sincere to my objectives. I am leading a lonely life, so balm of a mature company is the most wanted to remain contented.

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