Utilization of Nutrition by Body

Here is another infographic on the same subject depicting the time-frame of events taking place inside the body after the food is digested by the intestines. As may be visualized from the two infographics, the food juice is processed in six steps to ultimately reduced to body Aura and procreative male/female fluids.


In each of these six processes, the nutritional juice is first transmitted to a site in the body where it is heated up by heat of the local Dhatu for refining of the juice to take place. This heating takes place for 5 day-night cycles when wax comes out of the juice leaving a more refined essence. The wax is utilized for various purposes in the body for supporting cough, pitta, etc and ultimately consumed or ejected out of the body.

– See more at: http://rambansal.in/utilization-of-nutrition-from-food-by-body/#sthash.1vnTp2ns.dpuf


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