Google on Suicidal Path

Google has been almost monopolizing Internet related business in its unique ways of remaining open to all yet serving only a few. In the process, majority of Internet users have been exploited for commercial gains of the Google. With arrival of more and smaller operators with more innovative approaches in the so-far monopolized fields of Google, the company would begin feel shocks in their business. These smaller operators get a lot of spadework already done by Google, hence need only furtherance of innovations in business. There may not come any single enterprise of the size of Google to compete with the company, but there would be many in different fields of Internet business.

The worst lacuna of Google’s business is their not providing any support to majority of Internet users depending on the company on the plea that the number of users is so large that providing individualized service is impossible. This may be put in another way that Google has encouraged too many users to join them and their number is unmanageable for the company. A wiser approach would have been to limit the number of associates to keep them with manageable capability of the company. But this approach would not have allowed the company to keep on exploiting a huge number of Internet users, with each adding to profitability of the company. I discuss here some such associations of Google with Internet users.

Blogging Platform Blogger

It is usually understood and Google may claim that they provide a blogging platform to public totally free. But the fact is that Google asks the public to contribute their talent to their blogging platform with getting almost nothing in return. Involvement of public with blogging platform keeps the public exposed to Google’s advertising business, thus each one contributing to the company’s profitability.

Blogger has so many technical problems which users go on facing, but have no way of getting any friendly support from Google. With so many other user-friendly platforms of free blogging available to people from other operators, Blogger users would be reducing gradually but Google would keep it open as the base-frame for their advertising business.

Advertising Business

Google’s greatest stake is in advertising on Internet through their services of Adwords for advertisers and Adsense for blogging persons. But the terms of service of Adsense are so much anti-users that majority of them lose their gains to Google before reaching the payout threshold which is very high at USD 100 with payment through bank checks. Hardly 10 percent of bloggers rare able to touch this threshold, thus 90 percent of them provide the whole of their gains to Google’s profits. Google doesn’t listen or respond to the users’ pleas if there is injustice by Google against them or if there is a technical problem. Only way open to them is to post their problem on Google’s product forums for getting help from other users.  Then it is left to other users whether they are willing to help or are in a position to help. Google officials don’t bother for unanswered questions or unresolved problems of the users. And this is designed so to earn more profits by squeezing helpless users.

I can say with a lot of consideration that Google believes in user-bullying rather than being user-friendly.

Social Platform

Google plus is the social platform with which Google has been struggling to establish for a long time with success still faraway. Google doesn’t know the reason of this failure and they don’t like to have feedback from using public for finding its lacuna. Its worst flaw is its extremely slow loading which takes about 4 times duration as compared to the most popular social platform facebook. In social interactions, speed matters but Google officialdom is ignorant about this social dynamics and don’t want to know it. Some day they would rather decide to close the platform, like they closed down their Knol and many other services.

Google Sites

With more and more people and business enterprises going for having their own websites, people in this business are reaping a good harvest with their most prominent feature of user-friendliness and quick services to users. At Google sites, users are left to struggle by themselves and most of them finally give up with no results after wasting their time on the site’s platform. It is again for the fact that Google has no concern whether a prospective user succeeds or not in his/her work dependent on them.

Customer Support is the Key

Whatever may be the association for, or whether it is a so-called freely provided service or a paid one, whenever a business organization offers something, they fist look after their own interests. Therefore, nothing is offered free by business organizations free of cost. They charge the associates indirectly, if not direct. Therefore, all associates of a business organization. like Google, are their customers adding their mite to profitability of the organization. They are to be provided care and support like customers which Google is not doing at all. Conversely, most of other organizations providing their services like those by Google provide due care, attention and support to their associates, hence are going to be winners in competition with Google.

Google seems to be fully blind to this important factor for remaining in business, and are still in dictating mood to bully their associates. Hence, they would be a loser sooner than their expectations.


Author: Ram Bansal

I am Ram Bansal, the Theosoph, an Engineer by education and profession. Now retired from the profession, and is devoting time for historical research on India, usher radical changes in Indian psyche and health consciousness. Authorship and Herbal gardening are my other passions. I like decent matured persons all over the world. I have no economic compulsions now to work for money. I firmly stand on my ideological principles of being clear, straight-forward, honest and sincere to my objectives. I am leading a lonely life, so balm of a mature company is the most wanted to remain contented.

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