My New Distinguished Guests in Garden Family

My New Distinguished Guests in Garden Family.

Here is a brief review of happenings in my garden with the advent of Spring season. The hottest of spices green Pepper is grown in India all year around for consumption by people in vegetables and pulses. I had planted some saplings of Pepper in my garden, which have begun providing green peppers to me.

Spring season is always pleasing after cold chills for bringing life not only to normal but to touch new heights in this celebration. Even for those who don’t adhere to the concept that the life is a celebration, come to realize their ignorance through Spring blossoms. This Spring, I feel exalted in celebrations for the four new guests in my Garden which I need to share here.


Author: Ram Bansal

I am Ram Bansal, the Theosoph, an Engineer by education and profession. Now retired from the profession, and is devoting time for historical research on India, usher radical changes in Indian psyche and health consciousness. Authorship and Herbal gardening are my other passions. I like decent matured persons all over the world. I have no economic compulsions now to work for money. I firmly stand on my ideological principles of being clear, straight-forward, honest and sincere to my objectives. I am leading a lonely life, so balm of a mature company is the most wanted to remain contented.

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